Anki SRS Day 1 – God bless the internet!

See the attached photo for my stats for the day. I revised each charachter at least twice. I have trouble with some words like true and eminent, have to go back and revise the stories properly. The problem is in realising where the “head” keyword goes, and where the eye has “animal legs” and where it doesn’t. That confusion must be avoided.

The numbers for day 1 are pretty encouraging. I saw 439 cards (numbers are duplicated for the same card) in a total of  57.01 minutes. Thats 7.7 minutes per card. My sessions are limited to 10 minutes each, which seems to be optimum. Maybe in another post we’ll have a look at some per session statistics.

The final goal for 3000-4000 charachters would be 5 seconds per card, and maybe in 10 hours or so I can go through the so called “4000 charachters for modern average chinese literacy”. But that’s a lot of hand waving. By the time I reached that stage I will be looking at combinations of symbols , skip a lot of the simple ones (1-10, ordinary, rice field etc.) and probably will be focussing on where each symbol goes.

Audio update : I’ve sorted out the various audio I have into playlists. Till now, my favorites are  disc 3 of Teach Yourself Chinese Conversation and the dialogue audio from ChinesePod (freely available), newbie and beginner files. The PDF’s are pretty helpful too especially for reading simple sentences and sentence construction. I like how they have included some sentences that are slightly more complicated too, like “Do you know that guy?” and “How am I supposed to address that guy?” and “How do I address you?”

Go ahead, make my day..

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