Checking your tones, Chinese audio resources and other laments

So my audio and reading skills haven’t really taken off yet. Chalking it up to bad time and energy management. But this is my first experiment trying to learn at my not-so-trying job at the office. It only gets trying because I get bored and people walking around my desk all the time is a distraction. 

Anyway so here’s some more learning resources :    – Really good website, well presented.  – THE Chinese – English dictionary to have – Great guest post on Ajatt from someone who has been learning Chinese for 8 years now. Full of audio links

And finally, test yer tones, test yer tones right herrrrree :

I scored a 60% which is pretty dismal but OK I guess considering I have no practice. I can’t find the BBC free podcasts in Chinese yet though, they’re supposed to be really good. 


Happy Learning!

Go ahead, make my day..

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