222 Hanzi, Lesson 10 and Heisig’s message about forgetting..part 2, and a little more

So, here’s what Heisig basically says at the start of Lesson 11 :

Typical problems students are facing till now :
1) Remembering the key word when you see charachter, but not the other way around

2) Needing to go back to a charachter once you have written it to make corrections and additions

For these 2, Heisig then goes on to a beautiful 6 point explanation about how to really approach studying each character and making sure that they are truly registered. And then doing it for all 222. The point is, when the missing is to learn at least 3000, you better lay a good foundation and I believe the man.

3) Forgetting the relative position of elements in the character

4) Confusing one character for another

Great explanations are given for these problems. The summary of the solution seems to be focussing on the story and your imagination. And I have honestly faced all of them. Which is why i’m stopping and going back.

Heisig also says ” The most important thing in this review is not really to see whether you are remembering the characters, but to learn how to locate problems and deal with them


” The more you pay attention to how you imagine things, the more likely you are to find out what works best for you – and more importantly -why”

An interesting piece of advice is also about distrusting your ability to remember characters just as they are without doing any work on them. That has started happening to me and I thought it was a good thing, but I think i’m beginning to see his point. In a later post maybe I can elaborate it better.

This is also going to give me time (hopefully) to make this blog look prettier. I’m looking for ideas on “presentability”, accessibility and the clarity of my writing. Though that wasn’t the purpose of this blog when it started, I believe in doing things well. But then again, maybe this task will take more time than learning new Hanzi where I was gaining in speed. I was feeling confident enough to tackle 20 Hanzi/day starting next week and increasing my rep session total time.

On a separate note, I firmly distrust multi-tasking. Listening to music while doing math never worked out for me. But funnily enough, Nightbrook by Ludovico Einauldi is really really making learning comfortable, giving a background to the story somehow. I wonder why.

Anyway, he’s one of my favorite composers. Enjoy!

Go ahead, make my day..

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